BOUDOIR REFERRAL & REWARD PROGRAM                                  from 01 January 2022
exclusive for Beyond the Mask Photography- Boudoir clients

HELP your best friends, have a boudoir experience & feel as good as you did!!

We would all agree, boudoir photography is personal, so it’s important you trust your photographer.  Following your experience, I want to reward YOU when you send one of your closest friends to my Boudoir Studio.  Word of Mouth is by far the best source of new clients for this style of photography. 

So, I have designed a referral & reward program especially for you.

Boudoir Referral & Reward Program – how it works:

  1. You tell your friends they need to have a boudoir session done.
  2. I’ll ask any new enquiries if anyone referred them. If they mention your name, I will record it.  
  3. They book and have a boudoir session with Beyond the Mask Photography.  
  4. Your friend MUST mention your name at time of enquiry to qualify.


YOU will receive $80 credit     AND     
​YOUR friend receives a $80 credit towards their boudoir session. 

It is WIN – WIN for both of you.

YOU can choose to:
a). use your credit and purchase something more from your last boudoir shoot OR
b). save it, let it accrue for your next boudoir shoot. There is no limit to how much you can save/accrue. 
The more friends you refer – the more rewards you can potentially receive!

YOUR friend:
Gets $80 credit towards the boudoir session or they can choose to take an extra image, above their selected package, free of charge.

Credits apply once the friend’s boudoir session is entirely complete.

Reward Program applies from 01 January 2022, any enquiries received prior,  cannot add a referring friend to their enquiry. 

You will be notified of the available $60 credit after your friend books, pays in full and has their session.

A new client enquiry can only mention one referring friend’s name. If a friend has been referred by two boudoir clients, then they need to choose one friend to allocate the credit too. (sorry)

A new client enquiry can only use one $80 credit per boudoir session.

Boudoir Credits are not transferrable to another person.
Boudoir Credits are only for boudoir sessions.
Boudoir Credits cannot be exchanged for cash reimbursement.

Individual digital images are valued at $80 per image.

Your friend MUST mention your name at time of enquiry to qualify. 

Referral program does not apply to any gift vouchers bought by people for another person.

The Photographer has the last and final decision on applying credits.

How to tell your friends about this AMAZING program?

1.  Send them all a FaceBook message
2.  Word of Mouth
3.  Email them
4.  Invite them into the Beyond the Mask To a Better You: Find your Tribe FaceBook Private Group.

Beyond the Mask Photography reserves the right to change conditions of the referral program at any time.

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