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phoenix arizona boudoir photographer

Hi! I’m Katrina. Nice to meet you. I like long walks on mountain trails, dancing till my feet fall off, and paddling every lake I can find. 

I started my photography business over 11 years ago just photographing friends and animals at local pet rescues. My first and true love is horses. So I thought what a great way to fund my horse habit, by photographing them! I took a few classes and many many hours of reading and watching videos and time spent out photographing everything I could, trying to improve and find my niche. I started out as a pet photographer in Maryland, with the goal of mostly photographing horses, then moved to Wisconsin and continued there. When I moved to Arizona I continued helping out a local pet rescue with photos, but found a new niche that I loved even more.

After a few years I realized that my passion was for helping people to love themselves again through boudoir photography. At this time I rebranded and changed my business name to Beyond the Mask Fine Art Photography and became an LLC! I hired 2 local photographers a couple years apart to do my own boudoir sessions so I could know what you are feeling in front of the camera, and man what great experiences!!!

A few years ago I stumbled across couples boudoir and fell in love with seeing the connection between 2 people and helping to build that connection and re-ignite the spark in their lives.  This past year I have added in male boudoir, because, lets face it, there just isn’t much out there for men when it comes to sensual photo opportunities. Men deserve to feel confident and sexy as well! 

But you’re probably more interested in who the person really is who will be taking your photos. Because lets face it, these sessions are on a totally different level than your typical family shoot. 

So let’s get personal.

phoenix arizona boudoir photographer

I am a mother, ex military wife (was married for 20 years and traveled and lived in many different states), girlfriend, nature lover, fan of country music and dancer extraordinaire. Well, I do ok, I love to dance as long as there are steps to follow! 

My children are grown so I’ve been through the newborn, (3 in diapers for several years) toddler, adolescent, and the dreaded teenage years, college life with 3 adult children, relationships and breakups, and now my youngest is in the Army!

I am divorced and have been through the adult dating scene, wouldn’t totally recommend it, but I had some good experiences too! I am actually glad that I dated for several years. I learned so much about other people and most importantly about myself! I also met some pretty fabulous people along the way. 

I have lost my mother to cancer. I have had a miscarriage at a very young age. I have struggled with my weight since I was very young and survived elementary and middle school bullies. 

I have come to terms with my body and learned to love myself and all my perfectly imperfect flaws. But as everyone does, I have days still where I am unhappy, but I  know that I am the only one who can change that!

phoenix arizona boudoir photographer

I am in a relationship with an incredibly amazing man, who , coincidentally, I went to high school with, but didn’t know back then. I am living back in the neighborhood I grew up in. How weird and cool is that?! We love to get out and explore, check out new sites, and try to split our time between our 2 families, friends, and finding time for ourselves and together as well. Boy can it be a feat sometime!

Phoenix boudoir photographer

I do work a full time job and have been at my company for almost 7 years, so I can keep these great health benefits they offer. My long term goal is to take this photography business full time and be able to spend less time at a desk and more time in nature where I truly flourish. 

I love meeting new people and can’t wait to meet you!

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