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As a boudoir photographer, I have heard all sorts of excuses from women who are hesitant to schedule a session. But the most common excuse I hear is, “I need to lose weight first.” 

Now, I totally get it. Society has conditioned us to believe that we need to look a certain way to feel beautiful and confident. But guess what? That’s just not true! 

As a boudoir photographer, my goal is to capture the beauty and confidence of every woman who steps in front of my camera. I don’t care what size you are, what you look like or what you’re wearing, my job is to capture the raw and authentic beauty that lies within you. 

So, if you’re hesitant to schedule a boudoir session because you think you need to lose weight, let me tell you this: you are beautiful just the way you are. 

In fact, I would argue that a boudoir session can be even more transformative and empowering when you embrace your body as it is right now. It’s easy to feel confident when you’ve reached your ideal weight, but true confidence comes from accepting and loving yourself exactly as you are. 

Plus, let’s be real here, life is too short to wait until you’ve reached your “perfect” weight to do something that makes you feel amazing. A boudoir session is an opportunity to celebrate your beauty and embrace your sensuality, regardless of your size or shape. 

So, don’t let the excuse of needing to lose weight hold you back from experiencing the empowerment and confidence that comes from a boudoir session. Embrace your body as it is right now, and let me capture the raw and authentic beauty that lies within you. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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