Spring Queen | Creative photo shoot in Phoenix

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As a photographer, there’s nothing quite like the creative freedom of a personal project. Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a talented team of creatives to bring my vision of a “Spring Queen” to life.

The concept was simple yet powerful: a woman adorned in a dress made entirely of flowers, vines, twigs, and leaves, representing the beauty and rebirth of spring. The dress was a labor of love, and I spent hours carefully selecting and arranging each element to create a stunning and unique piece.

Working with a creative makeup artist and hair team, we chose to keep the makeup and hair bright and popping, to accentuate the dress and the overall look. We used bright, bold colors and textures to complement the beauty of the dress.

For the model, we chose a woman with sweet features and a friendly presence, who embodied the essence of a Spring Queen. She moved gracefully through the shoot, embodying the power and beauty of nature.

As a photographer, my goal was to capture the beauty and magic of the moment. I used artificial light to create a bright and ethereal ambiance, and I directed the model to move and pose in a way that highlighted the intricate details of the dress.

The final images were breathtaking, and I was thrilled with the outcome of the shoot. The dress was a work of art, and the model embodied the spirit of the Spring Queen. The makeup and hair were the perfect complement to the natural beauty of the scene.

But more than anything, the shoot was a reminder of the power of collaboration and creative expression. It was a testament to the beauty that can be created when artists from different disciplines come together to create something truly special.

As a photographer, I often find inspiration in the world around me, and this shoot was no exception. It was a celebration of the beauty and wonder of the natural world, and a reminder to embrace the magic of the moment.

In the end, the “Spring Queen” shoot was more than just a collection of images. It was a symbol of the creative process, the power of collaboration, and the beauty that can be found in unexpected places.

Makeup: Alyssa Szczelina


Hair: Augustine Hager 


Model: Jennifer Stitch 


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