Your time to feel beautiful  | Phoenix Boudoir Photographer

Women tell me time and time again, “Oh, that’s so beautiful…I could never do that.”  It makes me want to just grab them and say, “That’s exactly why you HAVE to!”.

Beyond the Mask’s mission is to show every woman that comes through these doors that they are truly and uncompromisingly beautiful.

Whether you’re a twenty-something who hasn’t come out of her shell yet or a sixty-something who has so much to celebrate, there isn’t a woman I have met that doesn’t need to see how beautiful she is.

I have photographed several hundred women of all shapes, all sizes, all ages – this experience wasn’t made for models.  It’s for women who never thought they could be.

And I know people look through my portfolio and think, “Wow, these women are stunning.  If I looked like that, I would do it in a heartbeat!”  And you’re right, they are stunning.  But every one of them is an everyday woman just like me and you.

I believe that beauty is something that women naturally possess, and the most fulfilling part of my work is being able to remind a woman of that.  To make her see herself as a woman and to look past all the things we get hung up on every time we pass a mirror.

Our bodies and our beauty are something we should be proud of!  Not ashamed of because of whatever some magazine says is wrong with us.

A woman I admire once said that this life is not a dress rehearsal, so stop treating it like one!  This is your time to feel beautiful and love who you are…and nothing should get in the way of that.

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