Private concert in the woods of Payson Arizona

Phoenix band photographer

I met this beautiful couple up in Payson Arizona. They’ve been friends for a life time and just recently realized they meant so much more to each other. The chemistry between these two is so incredible. It’s something you don’t find too often.

I reached out to my local modeling community asking for singers and band members to help me create a new portfolio and Erika immediately messaged me. She said I don’t sing or play an instrument, but my boyfriend and I can pretend!

Music has always been a passion of mine. I have sung from the moment I could form a word. I’ve been in church choirs and school choirs and praise teams. I enjoy karaoke and performing with the local theater troupe. I was also a trumpet player up until I graduated High school and truly enjoyed being a part of all the bands available at school, to include jazz band. What better way to honor that love of music than to incorporate it into my photography and offer this service to our amazing local musicians!

This beautiful base was lent to us by Milano Music center located at 38 W Main St in Mesa Arizona. They have a variety of different instruments and work with many schools throughout the valley. They have been our go to since we moved here for my 2 sons who also played several different instruments.

If you are looking to create promo photos for your band or yourself please contact me at 480-818-4104 or I am offering a temporary discount as I build my portfolio with local bands and singers!

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