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Phoenix boudoir photograph

Who are you?


Each one of us has a unique personality. We don’t fit inside a perfect little box. Some of us take years, even a lifetime to figure out what makes us unique.


What makes you unique?


I am still trying to answer that question myself. Some women like to fit into a specific category. Man that sounds like it would make life so much easier! While others, like me, are eclectic souls. In love with every style, sporting different types of outfits each day, decorating each room in a different way. My bedroom is Equestrian, my living room is boho chic/eclectic, my studio is boho/country, and my kitchen is nostalgia from my mother.


That’s what I love about us as women. Why on earth should we conform to what society expects of us? Who on earth says we all have to be dainty females with dinner ready and the house cleaned when our man comes home? Nuh-uh. Not me! My life is Way too busy for that! Plus, it just isn’t me. If it’s you, I bow down to you and your love for all things domestic. I’m just way too stubborn with a bit of a fiery streak to be interested in that!


Alternative tattooed model phoenix boudoir photography



That is why here with Beyond the Mask I focus on diversity of every kind! Are you a wild child sporting a body full of tattoos (I envy you!)? Are you a quiet soul who loves spending your time with your nose in books and your feet curled up on the couch (that’s more my style). Are you a Prima Donna, the life of the party, donning the glitteriest pair of shoes you can find and pretty flowy tutu style dress? I wish I could pull that off! I love it all!


Are you outdoorsy and bold? Host your session outside at the river, or among a cactus forest!


Bohemian outdoor Phoenix photography


Are you a homebody who prefers staycations? Hold your session in the privacy of your own. Heck you can even bring your man along for the fun!


Cozy boudoir photography in red


Bookworm boudoir photography


Do you love new places, looking for a little extra glam? Hold your session in a hotel.


Tattoed model phoenix photography



Do you love my studio setup and just can’t wait to have your session in my new Boho themed room?! It’s waiting for you!


Maricopa boudoir studio


Phoenix boudoir photograph


Shoot me an email now to schedule your session! katrinamcall@gmail.com Spots are limited and Christmas is just around the corner!

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