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salt river arizona engagement photography session


Phoenix Arizona Engagement Photography Session

Everything happens for a reason and the story of us will make even the non-believers subscribe to fate.

I grew up in sunny San Diego, CA as an only child. With the world as my oyster, I opened up a small marketing company in Phoenix AZ. Jose grew up in a small town called Allentown, PA and as a teenager was swept away from 1 streetlight town to none to live on the native reservation in northern Arizona of his families heritage. After earning his masters in Landscape Architecture,  Jose began apprenticing at a small firm in Phoenix. Utilizing the millennial trends of co working space my business found his. We would greet each other in passing but it wasn’t until I braved myself to ask for a wifi password that my world would change forever.

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As an entrepreneur I am passionate about 2 things: low overhead and community over competition so obtaining the wifi password was great but learning that’s Jose had just started a podcast showcasing the heart hustle of Arizona was when I was hooked! I had been listening to podcasts throughout college, so to learn about someone creating them, I was obsessed. I binged all 4 episodes that night.

engagement session salt river arizona


We began to tag along with each other: to lunches out of the office and to record the live podcasts. After a few “official” dates we knew we were meant to be. I quickly began using my expertise to assist in producing the podcast from taking photos to reaching out to guests. He used his passion for what he is doing to motivate me to be the best version of myself every day.

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After a year of dating, our leases were up on our apartments at the same time so it was fate to move in with each other. I turned this dog lover into a cat lover and he turned this ballerina into a WWE fan! We balance each other so well and push each other to be comfortable uncomfortable.

salt river arizona engagement photography session

When it comes time to argue it is because we have failed to communicate. This skill has taken us time to master. We used to just belt out whatever was on our mind, but understanding a relationship is two sided we need to first understand where the other person is at before we try and get them to join us! We have practiced relationship journals, couples massages and mediation times to always give our relationship our best attention.

salt river arizona engagement photography session

We got engaged in the winter of 2017 during Jose’s Grandparent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary in Puerto Rico. If that is not fate, again not sure what is! Marriage for us is not about a wedding but about two people becoming one, forever. We bought a house in the spring of 2018 with plans to marry in our backyard in the fall of 2019.

salt river arizona engagement photography session

We continue our podcast journey and are now on episode #150! Together we have grown our listenership, added a newsletter and started to blog about our engagement journey. This is just the first chapter of our love story, but one that can be written about for many moons to come!

salt river arizona engagement photography session

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