Maricopa Arizona Photographer Volunteers for Pet Rescue

pet photography in maricopa
 When I started learning photography back in 2010, My ultimate goal was to become an Equine Photographer. Horses are my one true love in this life. When I was a girl I was horse crazy. I grew up wanting a horse. I had very dear friends who owned a horse farm in Wisconsin and was able to visit them several times throughout my childhood. I attended to my very first horse show in Junior High. The Arizona Arabian Horse Show! Soon after, posters of horses replaced all my celebrity crushes from Tiger Beat magazine! (I am now aging myself a bit!) When I was 16 my mother realized that my love for horses was never going to go away and she allowed me to start riding lessons. I couldn’t be happier!
Arizona Equine Photographer
pet photography in maricopa
When I started my business, though my interests kind of took a side road. I did the usual, what every photographer does. I photographed family and friends to start with. Tried out photographing little ones, families, and basic portrait work. I even photographed a horse show in Maryland for Goucher College, and photographed my instructor’s beautiful top level Dressage horses. During that time I learned that there was a huge need in Animal Rescue. So many rescues have blurry photos, or no photos at all of pets seeking no homes. I found a true passion in lending my talents to local rescues. Not only did I start photographing for them, but I also started volunteering days in the dog kennels as well.
pet photography in maricopa
This love has continued on through the years. While I don’t currently volunteer at a physical rescue, I can now call myself a foster parent for a local Maricopa, Arizona rescue, Pet Social Worker. I have also just started heping with Arf-Anage Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona. I can also happily call myself  a foster failure! The hardest thing is falling in love with every pet that comes in front of my camera. My husband has heard so many times, “oh but this one was so cute! She won’t get too big.” Or, “just one more, Calamity would love a puppy to play with!” He just smiles and rolls his eyes and responds with, we already have 2 dogs.
pet photography in maricopa pet photography in maricopa
It is truly amazing the difference a picture can do for an animal in getting him or her adopted. So many animals are passed over just because of their pictures. It is such a joy getting to play with and snuggle with all of these creatures. It is one of the best parts of my job. It is such an amazing feeling that you are going to impact so many lives by such a simple task as taking a photo.
pet photography in maricopa
Over the years with having 3 children, moving around so much for my husband’s job, and just time constraints, riding took a back seat. I am happy to say that I am again taking lessons! I have found the most amazing instructor over at Aslan Dressage in Casa Grande Arizona.  Aoife is the most caring, passionate, and patient woman I have ever met. Her horses all reflect that. They all have the most wonderful personalities. If you are looking for lessons or have a little one interested, yo absolutely MUST meet her!
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 I have fallen away from Equine photography, having found my true passion for Boudoir. But I can’t see myself doing anything else. I feel so blessed to be able to give back and use my talent to help out local animals find their furever homes!
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