Finding Arizona / Salt River Boudoir

I met these two for the first time in a cute little cafe’ in Phoenix, right on the border of Tempe and Ahwatukee. The Hillside Spot. If you’ve never been, you absolutely must go. It has a super cute rustic vibe to it and amazing food!

We sat and chatted for over an hour. These two are so laid back and absolutely love getting to know everyone they meet.  I had such a wonderful time hearing their story.

Britt and Jose’ met a couple years ago. These two have such an amazing connection. They are incredible friends and own a business together.  Finding Arizona Podcast. It takes two very special people to be able to work together on a daily basis. I love my own husband very much, but we definitely need the bit of separation that separate jobs bring!

Finding Arizona is a great podcast to listen to. They travel Arizona, meeting and interviewing business owners all over the state. They are fun loving and absolutely adore the outdoors and everything Arizona has to offer.

During couple’s boudoir sessions I am always sure to grab some great photos that my couple can use to send to family and friends. Some of these photos were used for their Christmas cards this year!

Shortly after their session they took a trip to Puerto Rico, and Jose’ proposed!!!!!

Congratulations Britt and Jose’!

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