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Beyond the mask
Beyond the Mask Boudoir Maricopa Arizona

Two eyes meet for the very first time and smiles play upon their lips. She is a gorgeous creature with caramel skin and jet black hair shining upon her head. She wears the loveliest of little floral dresses with thin little straps across her shoulders. His breath is taken away the moment he lays eyes on her. That is how he feels for the rest of his life every time he looks at her. he knows at that very moment that she was meant for him.

Years later they have 3 beautiful children together and have already been on this amazing adventure called life. They have taken the biggest leap they could have imagined and moved across the country to be rid of the ice and snow, to finds Sun and warmth. To further their own careers and to make a better life for themselves. Life may not always be easy, but they always find happiness in each other and in their little family.

Mornings are spent building forts and making pancakes. Afternoons are spent exploring the mountains and parks. They always find time to spend with each other. Because what else in life is more important than laughing and being with your family?

She has big dreams for herself and he fully supports her. he is so in love with her that no matter what she wants, he will do everything in his power to provide it. Nothing else matters!

These two know what it’s all about. They are the lucky ones who found love and happiness early in life. It will follow them till the end of time. Nothing can put out that flame they have for each other. It only grows brighter and brighter each day.

here’s to all the lovers in the world and those who have found their one true love, and those who are still searching. It is out there. It is real! You will find yours!

Maricopa Arizona Boudoir Studio
Maricopa Arizona Boudoir Studio
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