High School Sweet hearts-Almost!

Bryce and I met about 2 years ago while we were both going to Eastern Arizona College. He grew up about 4 hours away from me. We met at a bowling alley because we had the same friends. He immediately started to flirt with me, but it took me a while to catch on because I thought, “There’s no way this gorgeous guy is trying to flirt with me?” It took one of my friends asking me “You know Bryce is flirting with you right?” for me to finally catch on. We have been inseparable ever since!

One day we were watching some of his high school wrestling videos, we both love wrestling, when we saw me in the back ground at one of his tournaments! He realized that I was “Pima’s cute manager” that he was always too nervous to talk to back in high school. Crazy!
He asked me to marry him soon after during the Gila Valley Idol final show where he got on stage in front of a couple hundred people and asked me to spend forever with him! I got my dream proposal and my dream guy that day. We’ve been happily married for almost 6 months now and can’t wait for the rest of forever together!
Photographer: Katrina Call
Coordinated by: Brittani Dorsey
Florals: Melissa Shippy
Baker: Suzanne Lever
9602) 509-0028
Hair/MUA: Sally Myers at All Dolled up Studio
Frances Gomez at Rapture the Salon
Special Thanks to: Superstitions Springs Golf Club

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