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I absolutely love the pin-up look. I may not be a total history buff, but I am absolutely intrigued by several different eras in history.
Phoenix pin-up photography
The 40’s and 50’s were an interesting time. I am in love with the fashion of that time. Women were starting to find themselves more and more. Not to mention the 40’s had the best music ever invented. I am a huge lover of Big Band and Swing. I love to go out swing dancing. It is my absolute favorite! The music just gets you so jazzed up, you can’t help but start moving to it!
Phoenix pin-up photography
Life seemed to be so much simpler in those days. Women were just starting to get into the work force. Television was such a new thing that people didn’t spend all their free time in front of it. Kids played OUTSIDE! There were no cell phones. (I still have no idea how we ever lived without those!) Families ate at the dinner table.
Phoenix pin-up photography
Women had luncheons and dinner parties. They dressed up every single day. They didn’t need a reason to do so. You knew your neighbors and were friends with everyone on your street. People would stop and say hi to you just because they could.
Phoenix pin-up photographer
Now we have an entire sub culture of pin-up and Rockabilly. It is so much fun to join that world. It gives us an excuse to be our own person. To dress how we want to dress. cts_1707-1-2
And we don’t have to dress in that style every day either. It can be just a fun hobby, or it can become a way of life.
 Phoenix pin-up photographer
I have so much fun doing these pin-up sessions with clients.
 Phoenix pin-up photographer
Pin-up and rockabilly isn’t just for women! Look at this cool Cat!
 Phoenix pin-up photographer
It is also so much fun for couples as well!
cts_1880-1-2cts_1869-1-2Phoenix pin-up photographer
Do you want to do a pinup session of your own? Call me today and let’s schedule your session! 443-693-3979

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