Phoenix Photography | Boudoir….What is it?

Phoenix Boudoir photography

What exactly is Boudoir photography? Everyone has a different opinion on this. Every photographer views Boudoir differently. Every client has their own idea as to what it is.
Phoenix Boudoir photography
I am going to let you know what Boudoir means to me.

Boudoir is whatever YOU see it as. That’s what it is to me. It can be soft intimate lingerie in white sheets on a fluffy mattress, sheer curtains and a beautifully lit window. It can also be fierce and confident, sexy, and bold!
Phonix boudoir photography
Boudoir is much more intimate than glamour or your classic portrait.

You are opening up and baring yourself to whoever you are taking the photos for. You are letting free your most intimate and private self.
Maricopa boudoir photography
Boudoir is not just the photos, but the experience you have from meeting your photographer, to the session, to seeing your photos for the first time, to delivering them to yourself or your loved one.
Phoenix boudoir photography
Are you a confident, woman who loves everything about herself and want to celebrate you? Are you shy and reserved and want to feel sexy and beautiful and daring?

Boudoir is for every woman in all walks of life. You don’t even need a special reason to book your own session. Do it just because you can. Do it to feel confident. Sexy. Beautiful. Classy. Intimate. Excited. Happy. Self aware. Soft. Bold. Daring.

Maricopa boudoir photography

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